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    Parks & Braxton DUI Law Firms That Can Help You With Your Charges No one ever plans on getting busted for DUI, but a large part of being under the influence is impaired judgment.

    You are typically given a test in the field and then perhaps given a chemical test at the police station.

    It could be a substantial problem if this is your second or third time.

    There are so many lawyers in Florida, so you're always going to run into one that's not that good at what they do.

    Mandatory DUI school might be the only thing you have to deal with if you get a lawyer.

    Even though it is your first time getting pulled over for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will still be facing stiff penalties.

    Selecting The Right LawyerIn order to select the best lawyer, you will have to find one that is highly recommended by people in your community.

    You will have to pay booking fees and a bond to get out.

    While some evidence can be acquired at various times, some of it, such as videos, must be requisitioned for in a timely manner.

    Needless to say, the negative outcome of either one of these tests will result in an arrest right on the spot.

    This is especially an issue if you plan on calling a family attorney that may be out-of-state or if you live close to the state line.

    Finally, you could be sentenced to either jail or prison depending upon the severity of the situation.

    Vehicle confiscation is possible in some states.

    The American Medical Association committed to a study to understand how alcohol influenced a motor vehicle accident in the year 1938.

    There is going to be a fee involved, but that can be paid online as well.

    In some cases, a biker could injure a pedestrian.

    Make sure you check these reviews out so you can learn all about the lawyers you have to choose from.

    The earlier that you do this, the better off you will be if this is a charge that you are currently facing.

    At the end of the day, finding the right attorney is going to give you the most peace of mind and the best chance at winning the case. 

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