DUI kNOw  Do not get a DUI or DWI

 Know when you should NOT drive.

   You might prevent injuries or damages.

      Save thousands of dollars by avoiding a DUI.

Developer: Lone Wolfe Mobile

DUI kNOw is similar to a field test that law enforcement can use to determine a DUI


  •          DUI kNOw uses voice recognition to see if you can count backward, similar to a real DUI field test
  • ·         DUI kNOw tells you how many numbers are correct, percentage correct and whether you might be able to drive!
  • ·       DUI kNOw has a statement button that randomly selects and speaks statements that can be spoken by people that are involved with drinking and driving.  People will hear the statements and want to try the test.  DUI kNOw is fun and a good social ice-breakerDUI kNOw is ideal for any gatherings, social events, parties, reunions, picnics, barbecues, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, football parties, or anywhere alcohol may be present    
  • ·         DUI kNOw is useful for anything that may cause driving abilities to suffer.  This might include drugs, either legal or  or sleep deprivation
  • ·         DUI kNOw might save property and money
  •      DUI kNOw might prevent major injuries or hospitalizations


  •      DUI kNOw might prevent jail time, insurance cancellations,  driver license suspensions, and property damage


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