Daarul Uloom High School
Assalamu Alaykum
    Our world today is filled with so many opportunities, diversity and temptations. The mission of DU is to motivate the youth of today to make moral and ethic decisions as they strive for excellence in the mission of Learning and Life. 

DU offers an excellent program of high rigorous academic subjects in the traditional and online classroom settings to teach students how to succeed in a life of technology, integrity and faith.

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News and Information

Important Dates for the Upcoming Week .
Monday, December 11
·           Scripps Spelling Bee, 1st-8th Grade, In-class written
·           Black and Yellow day for all students and teachers.
Tuesday, December 12
·          Scripps Spelling Bee, 1st-8th Grade, In-class oral
Wednesday, December 13
·          Hot Lunch (Masala Café Chicken Biryani)
Thursday, December 14
·          Scripps Spelling Bee, 3rd-8th Grade, Divisional round
·          DU Store
Friday, December 15
·          All School Spelling Bee, 3:30pm

Wednesday,Thursday, Friday Dec 20-22  High School Finals

Daarul Uloom is pleased to announce the screening of “Madagasar 3” (for preschool – 5th Grade) and “the BFG” (for MS and HS students) on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 from 5:00-7:00PM. Tickets are available for $2/child (age 3+) at the door on the movie night. Madagascar 3 will be screened in the school gym and the BFG will be screened in the basement.  Pizza, fries, popcorn, nachos and cheese, chips, candies, and other items are available for purchase throughout the screening. You can bring pillow, blanket, or foldable chair too.
We need volunteers for the event. Sign-up sheets are available in the school lobby. Please sign-up if you are available to donate the food items or to help before, during, and after the event.
This is a fun event for the whole family! We hope you and your family can join us, Inshaallah! We look forward to seeing you there!

Important Attendance Reminder
       Please read through the policy on attendance procedure.  If a student will be absent, the office or the administration needs to be called that day.  For pre-planned absences - especially more than one day--a written notification is needed prior to the absent day(s).  Preferably, this notification should be at least one school day before the planned absence. 

Important Safety Reminder
This is to remind all that ONLY office staff are assigned to let visitors in the building because we have a specific
guidelines following the lockdown practice drill to follow when allowing any visitors in the building (parents included). 
Afterschool, we are not to let anyone in the building as you are exiting the front doors. It may seem unkind to shut the doors directly behind you without letting the visitor in; however, it is the safest method. You may simply explain to the visitor that it is school protocol for office
staff to let in visitors. Add a smile and I'm sure they will understand and appreciate that safety comes first at DU!

Parents Picking up HS Students
The high school hours do run past the K-8 school.  It is scheduled for release for 3:30;however, the last bits of class time are scheduled for one on one  and assessments so time can be released shortly after the K-8 dismissal. Please wait in the gym or lobby for the students. When they are released from class, they are directed to be in the lobby or the gym and can meet pick up connections there or they can pick up siblings. 

Parent Access to LMS
Classes of individual teachers for high school students can be accessed through the myhaikuclass.com.  It is suggested that parents contact the high school assistant principal for the access to create an account. One you have an account, a parent can see classroom assignments and information for their student/child.

All students  are required to dress properly for Physical Education. Separate PE clothes will help prevent regular school clothes from being ruined and provides flexibility for students while in PE.