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About us

Dugan Dog Productions is a group of college guys who took up a hobby of acting and making films. The group makes a variety of genres but is an independent film company. We continue to make independent films and music.

Each of us refer to each other as brothers or family. though the group has split up now and we have gone separate ways we still make some movies when we meet up with each other. We will still make movies as long as we can and as long as we have ideas.
in picture from left to right: Stephen Corp(Viper), Jordan Stancil(Dingo), David Thomas(Raven), Adam Webb(Cougar), Mike Walter(Dragon), Tyler Olsen(Raptor), Josh Simmons(Panther)
not shown: Adam Staley(Crazy Adam),  John Truitt(Rhino), Geoffery Gilot, Sam(BigSam), Carlos Palmer, Shane Smarr(Bloody Sword)