I have 2 activities:

My fields of expertise:

  • research: Automatic process control, nonlinear systems, model based approach, model predictive control, observer based closed loop identification, optimization techniques, applications in chemical engineering (waste heat recovery based on thermodynamic Rankine cycle, drying (food, painting, ...), lyophilisation (pharmaceutical products, ...) , catalysis, curing (painting, ....), polymer processing), software development (MPC@CB, ODOE4OPE)
  • teaching: process control, fundamentals of automatic control for linear systems (modeling, identification, PID control), SCADA supervision, PLC programming, logic control
  • technical skills: matlab, simulink, PLC (PL7 Pro, Unity Pro), industrial supervision (PCVue, KepServer, KepInfilink, Monitor Pro, Intouch, Panorama, Vijeo Designer), assembler, fortran, C, latex.