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Orange G Shock Watch

orange g shock watch
    orange g
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G-Shock Wristwatch
G-Shock Wristwatch
Collecting wristwatches and pocket watches is a current hobby of mine. This is a U.S Navy issue Casio G-Shock, Model DW-6600C-1VZCI. The Casio Men's G-Shock Classic Digital Watch #DW6600C-1V features a digital dial face with a striking blue-and-orange tone design and a mineral dial window. The watch includes a day-date-and-month calendar, a daily alarm, a countdown timer, and an hourly time signal. Both the 50-millimeter case and stationary bezel are made of high-quality resin. Other details include a black resin band and its accompanying buckle-clasp closure. It is powered by quartz movement and is water resistant to 660 feet.
The Time is NOW.
The Time is NOW.
8:34 AM. Time for a Swim. @ Alona Beach. Panglao Island, Bohol

orange g shock watch
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