Expensive mens watch - Citizen watches chronograph.

Expensive Mens Watch

expensive mens watch
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omega deville 3
omega deville 3
In 1999 the new Omega De Ville was introduced with a movement that was entirely new to an Omega series produced watch. Co-Axial watch with the magnificent coaxial escapement invented by the noted English watchmaker Dr. George Daniels,is highly accurate, resistant to shocks and requires little maintenance. In brief, the coaxial escapement eliminates practically all friction between the pallets wheel and the pallets, which had long been a source of lubrication problems in mechanical watches. The result is a longer lifetime for the movement and its increased accuracy. ----Omega De Ville Co-Axial GMT 4533.40.00---- Omega De Ville Co-Axial GMT Mens Watch 4533.40.00 Omega Co-Axial. Stainless Steel case, Stainless steel (Armadillo) bracelet (This special precise bracelet which is formed from approximately 300 parts. only Bracelet replaced cost is approximately US$ 2,000. The most Expensive and High quality Stainless Steel bracelet in The Omega.) Gray dial, Dual Time Zone (GMT) is indicated by the extra hand with red arrow head in a 24 hour mode, Date at 3, Sapphire Crystal with multiple Anti-Reflective coatings, Caliber: Omega 2628 Self-winding COSC certified chronometer, Co-Axial Escapement movement with rhodium-plated finish Power Reserve 44 hours, Water Resistant to 100m/330ft. Case Diameter 39mm. Ref:Omega-4533.40.00 Retail Price $5,100.00
That's what this car is. I went to the Limerock Antique Festival today so I'll have tons of shots from that coming up. So I got power back yesterday after Hurricane Irene put me out of power for a week. That wasn't fun. But that's why I wasn't at active.

expensive mens watch
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