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Pricing Policy




We always will be less than the franchise stores but provide the same service. We can do this because we do not have the franchise fees or overhead cost. THIS IS OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and the Savings to YOU.



If you have not had any major changes in your tax situation from the previous year, bring your return to us.  We will charge you 25 % less than the Franchise Store and provide the following services:



1)      E-File – Federal and State

2)      Refund Anticipation Loans ( RAL)

3)      Guaranteed Accuracy – “we have it in writing”

4)      Qualified Tax Preparers

5)      School Tax Filing

6)      City Tax Filing



In addition to you saving money, our highly qualified tax professionals will take advantage of every deduction and credit available.  We want to save you money!




Please give us a chance to do your taxes. We will gain your trust