Roger Oney
Roger is a retired math and computer science teacher.  Currently he is working part-time as a math instructor at Ohio University..  Roger has a BS Degree from Ohio University and Masters from Purdue in mathematics. Roger has also worked the last 6 years for H&R Block has reached certification level Tax Adviser level 2.
Mike Duffy
Mike is currently Vice President of sales and Purchasing at YSK Corporation.  Prior to this Mike worked as an engineer at Wear Ever. Mike has a BS Degree in Mathematics from Ohio University and a Masters in Business from Xavier.  He has had years of tax experience and received training from H&R Block.
Rodney Duffy
Rodney is a retired Vice President from a local bank.  Rod has a BS in accounting from Ohio University. Rod has taught part-time at Ohio University and is a basketball official.  Rod has years of tax experience and has worked at H&R Block as a tax professional.
Kelly Duffy
Kelly is a retired supervisor at UPS.  During her 20+ years of progressive responsibilities at UPS, she has been trained to service you the customer in a prompt and efficient method.  Kelly has also worked at a H&R Block as a tax professional.

Mark Duffy

Mark is Facilities Engineer for our LLC.  He is on loan from Columbis Gas on an as needed basis ( When he is off the clock).  He is an expert in going into low and high places to diagnose problems and restore power or water flow. Stop in and have a cup of coffee or use the facilities to check out his successes.