Topic 9 Choice Board (Equivalent Fractions)

Fraction Choice Board


Choose _____ activities on the choice board, making sure to select at least one activity from each row.  Be sure to have a teacher initial your finished boxes before you move on to the next activity.  In the end, be sure to complete the assessment before moving on to the next row.

                                                                                                                      File:U+21E9.gif   Assessment  File:U+21E9.gif

1. Relating LCM & LCD


Watch a video on LCM at StudyJams and complete the “Step by Step”, “Watch Out”, and “Try It”.  Afterwards complete this activity sheet.

2. Finding the LCD


Watch Mr. Morella’s video on finding LCD.  Be sure to copy the example into your notebook.  Afterwards complete the activity sheet.

3. LCD Crazy!


Find the LCD of fractions at After completing 10 problems, print out the screen with your score on it.

After completing activity 1, 2, or 3:


Complete this activity sheet on LCD and have one of your teachers sign your choice board to record your activity.  

4. Equivalent Fractions


Watch this Study Jams Video about equivalent fractions and complete the “Test Yourself” section at Don’t forget to print out your score!


5. Smart Video


Record a Smart Video or Flip Cam showing how to find equivalent


6. Fractions Strips


Complete the Fractions Strips worksheet.

After completing activity 4, 5, or 6:


Complete ten “Interactivate Quiz” problems on reducing fractions (Level 1) and have one of your teachers sign your choice board to record your score.  

7. Fractions Made Easy


Create a “How-To Guide” on reducing fractions to simplest form. 


8. Reducing Fractions


Watch this BrainPop Video about reducing fractions and complete the quiz at


9. Math TV


Watch one of the videos provided for each problem at  Work along with the video, being sure to write each step in your notebook.  Afterwards, complete the reduction activity sheet. 

After completing activity 7, 8, or 9:


Complete “Forty Winks” and have one of your teachers sign your choice board to indicate which activities you have completed.  

Extra Credit: Number Balls


Play all three levels of LCD Fruit Shoot at  After you complete a level, enter your initials and print.