Topic 1 Choice Board (Place Value)

Math Has Value
Chapter 1 Choice Board A
Pick one activity from each row.  Be sure that you get each activity initialed as you finish the activity.  If you finish early, then you may do the extra credit activity by completing these activity sheets or playing Jeopardy (print your results for the one player game).
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Vocabulary Make a posterthat defines each vocabulary word from Topic1. Make a WordArt of each vocabulary word from Topic 1.  Be sure to make more important vocabulary words bigger and write all definitions on the back. Make math riddles for each vocabulary word from Topic 1.  Be sure to include an answer key 
 Pre-Requisite Go to this Learnzillion and select sign in as a guest.  You will have type your name and then watch the video.  Afterwards go to this IXL and complete 12 problems.  Be sure to log-in and show your teacher your score. Make and perform a song or rap about place value. Play the place value game with a deck of cards and a partner.  
Lesson  Go to and watch the intro video plus one video for problems 1-4 listed on the worksheet.  Finish the worksheet.Go to Study Jams and watch the video.  Afterwards take the quiz (Test Yourself) and print your results.  Make decimal pictures with the 10x10grids.  Make sure you write each number in standard, word, and expanded form under each grid. (example)
 AssessmentComplete the  FACEingMath activity. Follow the directions to create and color in your character. Grade Selena Gomez’s quiz.  Be sure that you correct her mistakes using a colored pen or pencil.  Create a Place Value review video on the flip camera.  Make sure you include decimals!

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