Forthcoming Exhibitions


(29-30&31 mars 2019)

Chateau de CHATEAUGIRON (35) France


(21-22-23 June 2019)

The Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire 58O 3LW (U.K.)


(19-20-21 July 2019)

Waterperry Gardens, Nr Wheatley, Oxford, OX33 1LA (U.K.)


(26-27-28 July 2019)

Hutton-in-the Forest, Cumbria(U.K.)

ART IN CLAY-HATFIELD (16-17-18 August 2019)

Hatfield House, Hertfordshire (U.K.)

OXFORD CERAMICS FAIR (26&27 October 2019 )

St. Edward’s School,Oxford(UK)

Open  Studio/
Portes ouvertes
(30 Novembre&1er décembre 2019)

LES ARTS DU FEU  (12-13-14-15 décembre 2019 )
Place de la mairie,Rennes 35000 (FRANCE)

Contemporary slipware & unique pieces

Françoise Dufayard was born in 1960 in Lyon, France and lives in Brittany since 1983. She has developed a very personal interpretation of terre vernissée or slipware, which creates a translucence in her work and gives her decoration a quality one sees only in painting; something of a rarity in this medium. This can be attributed in part to her exploration of Eastern ceramic traditions on her visits to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Uzbekistan,Tibet and recently Sri Lanka. Her very individual brushstrokes can be read as personal reflections of this Eastern influence. Françoise's work has been part of several exhibitions across the world and is in  the public collection of  Musée National de Céramique (Sèvres/Paris, France) and University of Wales (Aberystwyth,U.K)

Over the last few years some of my most tremendous experiences have been the invitation in 2007 to the  Aberystwyth International Ceramics Festival (Wales, U.K.) and  the double opportunity to work and exhibit  in India. My last stay there was in  2009 when I took part in  the Terra Cotta  Camp at The Sanskriti Kendra Foundation of New Delhi.  The aim of this residency was to encourage intercultural artistic dialogues and collaborations between European ceramic artists and their Indian counterparts.

However,the highlight of the decade were unquestionably the 2008 "England Forever" & 2018 " Le Festin" exhibitions which celebrated the 20th & 30th year of my studio with my English ceramicist friends.


Copyrights: Françoise Dufayard, G.P.O Photos, Jean blanchais, Glenn Edwards, Gwendal Derouet