Ultrafast Optics                                                                                         

Mode-locked lasers and ultrafast source development


My activities have comprised both experimental and theoretical and numerical studies of a range of different ultrashort pulse systems including oscillators, amplifiers, pulse-shaping techniques etc. 

  • New regime of coherently modelocked laser operation and observation of a dynamical phase transition amplifying quantum noise to macroscopic levels
  • Near-infrared femtosecond source, including phase noise measurements on mode-locked Ti:Sapphire oscillator
    and studies of a femtosecond optical parametric oscillator
  • Development and characterization of telecommunications related sources around 1550 nm

Selected Publications
P. D. Drummond, J. D. Harvey, J. M. Dudley, D. B. Hirst, S. J. Carter
Phase waves in the modelocked superfluorescent laser
Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 836-839 (1997)

M. Hanna, P. A. Lacourt, S. Poinsot, J. M. Dudley
Optical pulse generation using soliton-assisted time-lens compression
Optics Express 13, 1743-1748 (2005)

Ultrafast pulse measurement techniques


My activities have principally focussed on applying measurement techniques such as FROG to applications at telecommunications wavelengths or to highly distorted pulses.

  • Application of FROG around 1550 nm, particularly for complex pulse distortions after optical fiber propagation
  • Interpretation of FROG measurements of supercontinuum generation in optical fibers
  • High dynamic range characterisation of similariton evolution in an optical fiber amplifiers

Selected Publications
J. M. Dudley, L. P. Barry, J. D. Harvey et al.
"Complete Characterisation of Ultrashort Pulse Sources at 1550 nm,"
IEEE J. Quant. Electron. 35 441-450 (1999)

J. M. Dudley
Intensity and Chirp Characterisation of Highly Distorted Pulses,"
in Frequency Resolved Optical Gating: The Measurement of Ultrashort Laser Pulses, R. Trebino, Kluwer (2002) PDF 

B. Kibler, R. Fischer, P. A. Lacourt et al.
"Optimized one-step
compression of femtosecond fibre laser soliton pulses around 1550 nm to below 30 fs in highly nonlinear fibre,"
Electron. Lett. 43
915-916 (2007)




A Similariton FROG 

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