Recent Publications

Recent Papers of Interest

Modulation instability, Akhmediev Breathers and continuous wave supercontinuum generation
Opt. Express 17, 21497-21508 (2009) (PDF)

Surface nanoprocessing with nondiffracting femtosecond Bessel beams
Optics Letters 34, 3163 (2009)  (PDF)

Optical rogue wave statistics in laser filamentation
Optics Express 17 12070-12075 (2009) (PDF)

Ten Years of Nonlinear Optics in Photonic Crystal Fibre
Nature Photonics 3 85-90 (2009)  (PDF)

Spatiotemporal nonlinear optical self-similarity in three dimensions
Physical Review Letters 102 233903 (2009)  (PDF)

Rogue-wave-like characteristics in femtosecond supercontinuum generation
Optics Letter 34 2468-2470 (2009) (PDF)

Modulation control and spectral shaping of optical fiber supercontinuum
generation in the picosecond regime, arXiv:0809.2388 [physics.optics]
Applied Physics B 94, 187-194 (2009(PDF)

Harnessing and Control of Optical Rogue Waves

Optics Express 16, 3644-3651 (2008) (PDF)

Simultaneous fs pulse spectral broadening and third harmonic generation in highly nonlinear fibre: experiments and simulations
Applied Physics B B: Lasers and Optics 91 349-352 (2008) (PDF) 

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