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part one

Unhappy in his marriage to a nagging wife,
Jack enrolls as an archer in King Edward II's Army.

The King is now mustering his faithful Barons to destroy those who seek to limit his power.



"Left ... right ... tap ... left ... right "ouch"
Jack lurched sideways as the heel of his lance skidded on an iced-up puddle."

What could be simpler (or safer) 
shooting arrows at a distant ememy?

 "Bend from the waist,

nock an arrow to the bowstring,

 pluck the arrow from the ground,

draw it back while standing erect,

aim high,


Bend from the waist . . . "

Unfortunately,this doesn't last for long.

Soon, Jack is in the thick of battle, 
and his adversaries include 
and Demons

He was ready to face human adversaries.
But Black Magic 
 is another thing altogether.

"Although there was no one present in the room,
a circle of protection had been scratched in the earthen floor.

Suddenly, this glowed with crimson light.
Flaring up, it became a ring of flames.
Some were drawn towards the centre,
where they rose to form a column of spark-flecked smoke.
Scarcely able to breathe, Jack watched transfixed
as something began to take shape amidst the swirling mist.
He half expected to see the demon called Adrasteus,
with wide staring eyes and gaping slavering jaws.
But what was actually meterialising was . . .
was . . .
the figure of a naked woman."

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