Updated on 6th of February 2019
   Although this is the third (and most exciting) member of the 'JACK' Trilogy,  
                                               this rapidly moving story "happily stands alone". 

                                                          In rare periods of quiet contemplation, 
                                             he compares his situation with past experiences.
                                    These are described graphically in 'Jack O' Beans' and 'Jack O' Knaves'.


Bored by married life,
and irritated by his wife's continuous complaining,
Jack enlists as an archer in King Edward (The Second's) army.

But the situation rapidly spirals out of control 
as magical forces are summoned
to kill the King and his supporting barons.

And this includes the baron of Dudley Castle.


The  map above shows the area of central England over which the battles take place.

It stretches from Bridgnorth in the West,
to Tutbury in the north east,
and to Kenilworth and Coventry in the south east.



As with the previous novels,
Jack O' War is divided into three parts:
     Part One      

 Part Two 

    Part Three   

The sidebar at the top left gives access to 'Part One'.
Parts Two and Three can be accessed
by going to 'subpage' at the bottom of a page.
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