Jack O' Beans is the first volume of a trilogy
of Medieval adventure stories.
These are set in and around Dudley Castle.

Each book follows the adventures of Jack
as he grows from a boyhood to become an archer 
in King Edward II's great army.

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                                   Originally published by 'PenPress'

 and then by 'Author Essentials',

the three novels in the trilogy

are now published by 'New Generation Publishing Ltd'

 The ISBNs are:
Jack O' Beans is at 978 178 719 1129
Jack O' War, at 978178 719 1136 and
Jack O' Knaves at 978 178 719 0115

Last modified on 4th of August 2017

                   And now to concentrate on 'JACK O' BEANS

              The map below depicts the area that is covered in this story
                                                looking southeast.

        Dudley Castle is on a hill that's two thirds of the way up on the left hand side.
     The town stretches from the bottom of Castle hill to 'Top Church' on another hill.
                     The lower half of the map is occupied by 'The Old Park'.
This is reserved for the hunting of game by the Baron of Dudley and his kin.

That name is applied to a housing estate that now occupies the site.

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