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Conservation Restricted Land-Passive Recreation Use

Dudley's Conservation Restricted Lands

PHOTOS WANTED! If you have taken photos of animals or plants on Conservation Restricted land, and would like to share your photos, please email them to conservation@dudleyma.gov. Please include your name, the date and place the photo was taken.

Leave No Trace - means using with care, deliberately planning, and guiding one's actions so as not to harm the environment or disturb others.

Conservation Restricted Land is managed by the Dudley Conservation Commission. Through the generous donations listed below, the residents of and visitors to Dudley can take pleasure in 188+ acres of natural habitats for generations to come. Enjoy the beautiful pockets of nature in Dudley and remember to Leave No Trace.

Click the link "Conservation Restricted Land Parcels" at the bottom of this page for PDF maps displaying the location of each land donation. You will need to use your back button to return to this page. A BIG thank you to Lisa Berg, Assistant Assessor, for compiling these maps!

Dudley's Conservation Restricted Land Parcels
The first four land parcels listed below are being improved thanks to a grant from the Janet Malser Humanities. If you'd like to help with the improvements, please contact the Conservation office at 508-949-8011 or by email at conservation@dudleyma.gov.
Ardlock Acres:  Donated in 1991 by Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Crawford, Jr. 93.3 acres (which includes a large pond), located off New Boston Road. In Gaelic, Ardlock figuratively means, "on a hill by a pond".  The Nichols College Freshman Class of 2016 did a great job cleaning the trails on September 1, 2012. 
Baker Pond:  Donated in 1995, 29 acres of land near Gore Pond (Baker Pond), by Mrs. Ruth Koprowski, “My gift of land is to preserve the natural habitat, water shed, streams and country atmosphere of Dudley for future generations to enjoy.” Baker Pond Land Parcel is located off Baker Pond Road. The existing trail(which is overgrown and mostly inaccessible) is slated to be abandoned and a new trail is being created that will be more enjoyable for walking and hiking.
Peter Amorello, Sr. Memorial: Donated in 2006 by Peter Amorello, Jr., 17 acres which are accessed from the cul-de-sac of Blue Heron Drive, off New Boston Road.  
Shepherd Hill Estates:  Donated in 1999 by Richard Androlewicz and Robert Anders, 23.5 acres on Jesse Road. This Land Parcel does not have a defined trail at this time. Preliminary walkthrough to be determined at a later date.

Perryville Estates:  Donated in 2005, 5.1 acres near Perryville Estates, donated by Dudley D & D Nominee Trust. Assessment and redefining of existing trails to be determined at a later date.

Tobin Farm Estates:  Donated in 2005, 11.5 acres near Tobin Farm Estates (including Mosquito Pond), by Wendy Slingo and Suzanne Vallee. Assessment and redefining of existing trails to be determined at a later date.

Hayden Pond Road:  Donated in 2006-8.68 acres off Hayden Pond Road, to the Town of Dudley by the United States of America, Administrator of General Services. Assessment and redefining of existing trails to be determined at a later date.
Pierpont Road: Donated in 1991, 3.5 acres near Pierpont Road, by Walter and Josephine Grzych. Assessment and redefining of existing trails to be determined at a later date.
Passive Recreation Use

These land parcels are intended to remain as is, in a predominantly natural scenic and open condition for the protection of the natural habitat, watershed resources and environmental system. Passive recreation generally encompasses the less intensive range of outdoor activities compatible with preserving natural resource functions including wildlife habitat and floodplain protection. Passive recreation includes: hiking, non-motorized biking, horseback riding,  cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fishing and birdwatching.  The Commission welcomes assistance in grooming the trails for passive recreation activities; please contact the Conservation office for more information. The Conservation Restricted areas are open during daylight hours, from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.
 Prohibited Activities

Certain activities are prohibited in order to protect the natural resource values and to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Hunting, trapping, littering, camping, campfires, picnicking, motorized vehicles, removal of plants or wildlife and cutting firewood are prohibited in Dudley's conservation areas and are subject to a $250.00 fine and/or confiscation of the vehicle or equipment by the Dudley Police Department. Report any violations immediately to the Dudley Police Department.

Conservation Restricted Land Use

The following restrictions apply to all Conservation Restricted land parcels under the administration of the Dudley Conservation Commission pursuant to MGL Section 40c. 

  1. Conservation Restricted lands are open during daylight hours only; one half-hour before sunrise and one half-hour after sunset.
  2. No fires are allowed for any purpose without the written permission from the Dudley Conservation Commission and the Dudley Fire Department.
  3. No alcoholic beverages to be brought in, consumed or left on Conservation restricted land.
  4. Unauthorized cutting or removing of any trees, shrubs or flowers is prohibited.
  5. Disorderly conduct, obscene or indecent behavior is prohibited.
  6. Erecting, removing or defacing any sign, trail marker or barrier is prohibited.
  7. Anyone using the Conservation Restricted land does so at their own risk. Reasonable requests by any member of the Conservation Commission or its agents must be observed.
  8. No hunting or trapping is allowed.
  9. No business shall be conducted on Conservation Restricted land.
  10. Carrying or discharging weapons, except by duly authorized law enforcement personnel, is prohibited.
  11. Motorized vehicles, except those authorized by the Dudley Conservation Commission, Dudley Highway Department, Police or Fire Departments, are prohibited.
  12. Camping or tenting or remaining overnight is prohibited.

Dudley Conservation Commission
71 West Main Street, Suite 8, Dudley, MA 01571
Phone: 508-949-8011
Emails: conservation@dudleyma.gov