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Commission & Office Hours

The Dudley Conservation Commission consists of seven volunteers; charged with administering the Wetlands Protection Act, protecting Dudley’s open spaces, overseeing Conservation Restricted Land for passive recreation enjoyment, and ensuring our wetland areas and ponds are protected. 


Richard J. Androlewicz, Commissioner - Chairman
George Slingo, Vice Chairman
Francis Mikolajczak, Commissioner
Nancy J. Vajcovec, Commissioner
 Samantha S. Costello, Commissioner
James Koebke, Commissioner
Frank Gardecki, Commissioner
Wetland Consultant
Matthew S. Marro
Office Hours
by appointment
Caryl P. Savard, Clerk
Office Hours
Mondays & Tuesdays - 11:30 to 4:30
Contact Information
Phone: 508-949-8011
If you believe a wetlands violation has occurred, please contact our office. All calls remain confidential.