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Today I want to announce you for my second seo contest. The title is kabonfootprint, and this is day 8. I was bit late for 6 days but I was surprise when my blog is on page one at number 7. With little optimization. I don't know tommorow or next week or next month because the competitor is too damn hard. It really need power, focus. Because if you late to optimize, someone under you will beaten you.

Actually I don't use any blackhat yet, because my position is still at page one, also I don't know about black hat stuff. So I'll stay white or stay on the line. This kabonfootprint really make my day, all night long I have to optimize, less sleep, etc. SEO it really consuming time. I wonder can I win this battle and get the $2000 on October ? and what strategic or tricks to be number one ? ohhh it sooo difficult to stay. But this is the interesting point, I will get alot of experience in this kabonfootprint seo contest. Not just creating backlink, but also friendship.

Last word, if you want to help me to win this kabonfootprint seo contest, you can put my link into your blogroll. My link is http://cegahsatwapunah.com/kabonfootprint. And I will very happy if you do that.