Pengwei Du has been the Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI of more than $2.0 million in research grants on renewable integration, demand response and wide-area monitoring and control at PNNL. Dr. Du was the recipient of a GE Global Research Center Fellowship in 2004 and 2005, and received a PNNL Outstanding Performance Award in 2009. He has been major author for over 40 journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports. Dr. Du holds two U.S. patents and has two pending. He is Guest Editor-in-Chief for Special Issue on "Energy Storage Applications for Smart Grid” in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Dr. Du was also an adjunct professor at Washington State University (Tri-Cities) in 2012.

Dr. Du's research work lies in development of smart grid technologies to make future power grid more reliable, affordable, efficient, and secure. He envisions that the complex future energy power systems are characterized by 4Is, i.e., customer-oriented applications resulting from large-scale deployment of smart meters, intermittency brought by variable resources, intelligence added by enabling technologies, and information-centric operations bridging what the communication networks are capable of doing and what the operations of grid need. The projects which Dr. Du participated or led were broadly sponsored by the Department of Energy, Battelle, Western Electricity Coordinating Council, California ISO, Bonneville Power Administration, and Idaho Power. His practical knowledge and industry experiences have helped him not only to find the "right" solution to the problems, but more importantly, the "right" problems to solve. His pioneering work has been highly cited, and helped the energy industry to transition into a efficient, reliable, and smart future grid. 

Some of his high-impact work include, but are not limited to,

1) At RPI, invented the concept of Non-detection Zone (NDZ) and two anti-islanding protections to enable the interconnection of small-sized distributed generators with the researchers at GE Global Research Center. One joint paper has been cited over 300+ since 2004.
2) At PNNL, co-developed the method to validate and calibrate the parameters of synchronous machines using phasor measurement units (PMUs). Model validation and calibration is one of three critical applications for PMU (arguably) besides the wide-area angle separation and low-frequency oscillation monitoring. By 2014, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has helped to bring the total of installed PMUs to more than 1,100, offering nearly 100 percent coverage of the transmission system in USA.
3) At PNNL, invented the concept of Appliance Commitment with Professor Lu at NCSU, and this is the first pioneering work (arguably) which systemically proposed the framework and formulation for customer-oriented optimal control so that the appliances can do what the generators are doing today.
4) At ERCOT, part of team to develop the pioneering  framework for Future Ancillary Services to integrate a large amount of wind/solar generation into the grid. ERCOT leads the United States with over 12 GW of installed wind capacity. The challenges and problems addressed by this framework are also mentioned in recently-issued concept paper in NETWORK OPTIMIZED DISTRIBUTED ENERGY SYSTEMS (NODES) from ARPA-E, or Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy.

                Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy, USA
      Ph.D. in Electric Power Engineering May 2006
      Southeast University, Nanjing, China  
      M.S. and B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Major in Power Engineering) 2000, 1997
                Guest Editor-in-Chief, Special Issue on "Energy Storage Applications for Smart Grid" in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2013
                Guest Editor, Special Issue on "Smart Grid Technologies and Development in China" in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2014
10. The paper "Probabilistic-based Available Transfer Capability Assessment Considering Existing and Future Wind Generation Resources" co-authored by Dr. Du, researchers at NCSU and industry partner at Idaho Power is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy with minor revision required.
9. IEEE PES Working Group on Energy Storage Application Systems will sponsor a tutorial on energy storage in IEEE PES GM in Denver in July 2015. The leading instructor is Professor Hamidreza (Hamid) Zareipour from University of Calgary.
8. The book "Integration of Large Scale Renewable Energy into Bulk Power System: From Planning to Operation" edited by Dr. Du, Professor Ross Baldick (UT Austin) and Aidan Tuohy (EPRI) will be published by Springer later this summer.
7. Dr. Du attended UVIG VG Forecasting Workshop at Denver, CO during Feb 18-19, 2015, and he gave a presentation on stochastic forecast and renewable integration.
6. The second-year Ph.D. student, Haiya Qian, from Southeast University will visit Advanced Power Systems and Control Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin for twelve months, starting from Sep. 2015. During his visit, Mr. Qian will work in the areas of  renewable integration and demand response, co-supervised by Professor Chen and Dr. Du.
5. The paper "Non-traditional Approaches to Providing Grid Operational Flexibility, Uncertainty Quantification and Reduction" was submitted to Special Section on "Reserve and Flexibility for Handling Variability and Uncertainty of Renewable Generation" in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy as a collaborative effort from the researchers at PNNL, University of Washington, NCSU and ERCOT.
3. Professor Joe H. Chow from RPI will spend 3-month sabbatical at ERCOT and UT(Austin), starting from Sep. 2015. Look forward to the coordination with Professor Chow.
2. The Ph.D. student, Weifeng Li, from NCSU will return back to ERCOT for his second summer internship this summer.
1. The book “Energy Storage for Smart Grids: Planning and Operation for Renewable and Variable Energy Resources (VERs)” is available on Amazon.com.
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13 journal papers published and 7 journal papers submitted
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Chair for Task Force on Advanced Future Bulk Power Systems with Massive Distributed Resources, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2014-present
Chair for Working Group on Energy Storage Application Systems, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2014-present
Co-Chair for Working Group on Demand Response, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2014-present
Co-Chair for Climate Change Subcommittee, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2014-present
Panel Chair for “Next-Generation EMS for Advanced Future Bulk Power Systems: Challenges, Architecture and Concept,” 2015 IEEE PES General Meeting
Panel Chair for “Stochastic Planning and Operation,” 2015 IEEE PES General Meeting
Panel Chair for “Impact of Distributed Energy Resources over Transmission and Distribution System Planning and Operation,” 2014 IEEE PES General Meeting
Panel Chair for “Performance-based Economic Evaluation on Emerging Grid Applications of Energy Storage Technologies,” 2012 IEEE PES General Meeting
Panel Chair for “Power System Dynamic Performance Committee Paper Forum,” 2012 IEEE PES General Meeting