The peculiar Duck or Grouse, with its distinctive raspberry and blue plumage, is commonly found in the snowy environs of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota, along the northern edge of the USA. It was first sighted in the summer of 2006 hiding amongst a flock of Scottish country dancers and was lured into the open by an attraction to shiny swords and loud jigging noises. It has atendency to live in the borderlands, occasionally showing signs of its Scottish dancing ancestry in both movement and song, while attempting to learn more traditional behaviors via YouTube. This gregarious beast should not be confused with its distant relative, the Greater Prairie Chicken, ordinarily easily distinguished by its pronounced stutter-step and deep hooting moan, though in moments of stress or injury the Duck or Grouse has been known to mimic its cousin to confuse predators.

The Duck or Grouse is also commonly called (from L to R) by the names Judy MacGibbon, Jamie Berg, Janet McKernan, Fer Horn, Hazel Shackleton, Lara Friedman~Shedlov, and Scott Marsalis. Not Pictured: Meridith Richmond.

Recent News

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