Duck, Duck, 
Google - A Quacktastic Way to Integrate Google Apps for Education into the Curriculum!

Grades 5th - High School.

Time Frame: 

The Photo Journal (Social Studies) Should begin in October/November and have a due date after your Spring Break (April).
Content Areas:
Technology, Geography, Language Arts, Science, Art, Physical Education, History/Social Studies

GooglApps used in this project

 Classroom Drive Sites     Earth Docs Slides Search Sheets


Great site to find tips using these apps:

Additional Materials:
  • Book: Make Way for Ducklings 
  • Internet Access
  • Digital Camera
  • Rubber Duck


This project was put together to help students and teachers realize the power of Google Apps. It combines the art of digital photography, research, using Google Apps, physical activity, geocaching and building a website to explore the power of Google, and all FREE! It gives students the opportunity to expand their technology skills by infusing a little rubber duck into some creative projects.

Googloffers many fun and useful tools for students and teachers. Using these variety of apps and Robert McCloskey’s award winning book, Make Way for Ducklings, students will enjoy a variety of activities that will carry them throughout the school year

It does take a bit of commitment on the part of the student, but most agree it’s a wonderful project that teaches more than just history and geography. By integrating technology skills, students get a meaningful and authentic learning experience that will carry over to other disciplines.

This project can be done throughout the year, or in bits and pieces. I have my students do everything collecting artifacts along the way. Once they have all artifacts (pictures) from each activity, they are to put together a Google Site or Google Slide Show to showcase their works of labor. 

Cheryl Phillips

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Prince William County, VA

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