JayBoy's Good Life 

How I Enjoy My Life Without Really Trying 

This site is just a small snapshot of my wonderful life. My story began with the luck of having terrific parents, whose attitude and approach to life has afforded me the opportunity to meet, collaborate and learn from so many other wonderful people during my voyage on this planet.

Before I get into the good stuff — like how I enjoy life through things like, hunting, fishing, surfing, skiing, cooking etc., I should introduce you to my wonderful family.  


While I've got absolutely no complaints about my
first 40 years of single life, everything got even better when I married the love of my life, Trish.

She's beautiful, smart, fun, athletic and, for the most part, resilient to all my inadequacies.




We are blessed with three terrific children, who are bright, talented and most of all, happy.

Then, of course, there is "Buddy", our field-bred English Springer Spaniel.

Bud is both a great family dog and a delightful hunting companion —both in the duck blind and in the field.


Lastly, there is Molly — meanest cat in the world.
We're definitely not cat people, but she's been with us now for so long, well...