Research Scientist in Machine Learning in Neuroimaging

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CEA Saclay, Institut d'Imagerie BioMédicale, NeuroSpin

91191 Gif sur Yvette, France, Tel: +33 1 69 08 78 62


Machine Learning, Neuroimaging, Scientific computing, Software Engineering, Bioinformatics, High Dimensional Data.

Machine Learning in Neuroimaging

I am a permanent researcher working at NeuroSpin: a MRI neuroimaging center within the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique, Saclay, France). I am developing machine learning algorithms (classifiaction/regression) and multivariate/univariate statistics analysis tools. Those algorithms aim to provide computer-aided diagnosis/prognosis tools or biomarkers discovering methods for brain diseases. I am now integrating genetic (DNA array) together with neuroimaging. The specificity of such data is their large dimension which requires new specific feature extraction/selection and sparse and structured machine learning (convex optimisation) algorithms.

Scientific Computing

I am a core contributor of scientific computing libraries in Python:

  • Sparse and Structured Machine Learning in Python: pylearn-ParsimonY (will be public by the end of April)
  • Embarrassingly Parallel Array Computing: EPAC is a machine learning workflow builder.

(Former) Students in (Co-)Supervision

  • Cecilia Damon (PhD defended on 2011) together with JB Poline
  • Edith Lefloch (PhD defended on 2012) together with V Frouin
  • Fouad Hadj Selem (Post-doc, 2013-2014) together with V Frouin
  • Tommy Lofstedt (Post-doc, 2013-2014) together with V Frouin
  • Mathieu Dubois (Post-doc, 2013-2014) together with V Frouin
  • Anne-Laure Fouque (PhD) together with V Frouin