DOCSF - About us/Contact info

DOCSF is a pure labor of love and is always on the lookout for help and support. Here are the main "worker bees":

Vicki Smith
Long time South Florida resident and Ducati enthusiast, DOCSF is spearheaded by Vicki with the help of 2 Wheels World, Ducati Miami, Moto Corse and many Ducati owners in the South Florida Community including the SOBE Riders.  DOCSF is an Official Desmo Owners Club with Ducati Factory affiliation. Membership is free. It's a labor of love for the Ducati brand and the Ducati community by those who support it so offers of help, support or advice on any topic are welcome.  Vicki can be contacted at the above email address.

Vice President
Rich Lambrechts
Ducati guru for most things mechanical, Rich keeps the technical end of things on track and does most of the heavy lifting. 

Special thanks for the regular support of the entire Two Wheels World family, for the steady support that keeps this group a vital part of a thriving South Florida Ducati Community.