Evans Creek Oct 25, 08
Jeeps from the PNWJeep group

(All pic's are thumbnails, clicking on them gets a full size.) 

I did the 311 Lower, 311 Upper, and 520 (This is the rock slide trail) trails, others did more after I left.

(the first 2 pics I stole from Ryan, the next 9 pics, with dates on them, I stole from Rich)

Starting out with 7 Jeeps. 1 "sqaure light" YJ, 6 TJs, and my JK

This nasty rock high centered me. The 10" thinner Jeeps could squeeze by, I couldn't.

(see damage pic below)


A video of this spot



2 pic's on the way home:


These trails have been beaten in by YJ's and TJ's,  which are 10 inches thinner than my JK.

Resulting carnage:



This all came from 1 nasty rock (see above) that there was no way around with my fatter JK.