#70 of 450 imported to the US - picked up 7/26/08
(after 6000 miles and a few track days, on March 6, 2010, I traded this in and for a Monster 1100S)




-  Speedymoto under-fairing sliders

-  Shift-Tech CF hugger

-  Motovation Accessories Fork Sliders

-  DP CF tank protector

- black ceramic coating on exhaust



-  Suspension set up by Barry Wressel from GP Suspension

-  Pazzo levers

-  Clear anti-slip "volcano bumps" gas tank side pads (Ugly but functional)



 -  Ergal open clutch cover







Morning of 1st track day (just before the rain came) 



As of Aug  24, 08


Package that Ducati sent 2 months later







Differences between 2008 1098R and 2009 1198S

  • 186hp vs 170hp
  • carbon fiber fairing belly-pan, upper-fairing internal panels, tank lower side panels, seat assembly
  • Titanium connecting rods
  • valves are Ti, chrome nitride coated, and oversized. Actuated by rocker arms that are super-finished for reduced friction and fatigue, and double overhead camshafts with radical race profiles
  • pistons utilize the same design developed for the Desmosedici in the Ducati MotoGP program by using a distinctive double-ribbed undercrown to achieve high strength with minimal piston wall surface area and, therefore, less friction
  • Cam belt covers moulded in carbon fibre and cam covers cast in magnesium alloy
  • Cases and cylinder heads are sandcasted so lighter/stronger than die cast
  • Race 70mm complete system with ecu
  • slipper clutch
  • lighter fly wheel
  • the only road-going Ducati to use twin injectors on each cylinder (The main centrally mounted injector feeds through a 4-hole nozzle and works all the time, while its secondary offset slave counterpart employs a 12-hole nozzle, but only works when the Magneti Marelli ECU determines that required fuel supply is greater than 30 millilitres per cycle, thus ensuring progressive fuelling and a fluid power delivery throughout the rev range.)
  • gears are machined from the same high-strength steel used in Ducati Corse race applications and are subjected to a shot-peening treatment that further ensures their strength
  • Rather than traditional Ducait collet keepers, R has Ducati's first "MBP-like Collets" which don't break and maintain values in adjustment better.
  • true ‘monoposto’ with Aluminium rear sub frame
  • Ohlins TTX rear shock - totally separate damping adjustment in compression and rebound
  • Different Tracion Control systems
  • Lightweight Marchesini Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels
  • white background number plates on the tail section and nose fairing
  • Red frame, Gold wheels
  • collector value
    - The bike Bayless won WSBK with
    - Limited production numbers
    - (In USA) plaque on the tripple clamp with unique bike number

    (On the R, not sure about 1198S?)
  • light titanium half-cone valve retainers allows the use of aggressive profiles for the belt-driven double overhead camshafts, which deliver approximately 16% more lift
 In 2009, they offered a different paint job, the "Bayliss" edition.
The reviews were not very complimentary about the qaulity of the paint, saying the original red paint was higher quality.
This one I saw at Novelty Hill on Aug 25, 2020