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Scroll down for help with MDID, ARTstor, PowerPoint, Internet Readers (Like Google RSS), and posting images online.

  • The MDID Wiki from the creators at James Madison University (Check out the tutorials on the bottom)
  • The MDID Help page from the MDID website
  • MDID guest access for the Washington and Lee Collection is available... email the VRC at gentm@wlu.edu
ARTstor Help
  • ARTstor help
    • Registering for a new ARTstor account
      • Registering for an ARTstor Account

    • Downloading Images to PowerPoint
      • Downloading ARTstor images to PowerPoint

    • Creating An Image Group
  • The new ARTstor Beta format (not used yet, but interesting to check out) explained via you tube
PowerPoint 2007
  • Help from the Microsoft Website
  • PowerPoint tips and tricks from 123ppt.com 
  • PowerPoint FAQ's  (Thank you to Caitlain Devereaux Lewis from RPI for the following answers courtesy of SEI 2008 at James Madison University)
    • Why Isn't my image working?

      Images are so much more than a "cut" and "paste" deal these days...
      • Check your format... Is it a ".tif" or ".pdf?"  PowerPoint and all presentations should be done with a ".jpeg" format.  (Be wary of JPEG 2000)
      • Did you copy and paste? from the internet? That's your problem.  Any minor glitch of yours or the website you copied from can cause major corruption to your images.  Always save your image ("Save image as...") somewhere on your computer so PowerPoint has a direct connection to it.
      • Does it look fuzzy and pixellated? Always check your image size.  Screen size (1024 x 768) is your best bet for a presentation.  DPI doesn't matter as much as image dimensions.  Always check your image dimensions.
      • Still not working?  Contact the VRC for some help.

      REMEMBER: Don't copy and paste from the internet.  Always "Save image as..."  It's your best bet for a great presentation.
    • I'm working with PPT 2007, what if the final product needs to be shown on a machine without Office 2007?

      If the machine doesn't have Office 2007, you have a few options.
      • In PPT 07, you always have the option to save presentations in earlier versions.  Certain items will not convert and will be lost.  Run over your presentation beforehand to make sure it's something like font rather than an entire chart.
      • The PowerPoint Viewer
        • The PowerPoint viewer allows you to package a presentation and save it to a drive or disk.
        • All necessary external files (video, audio, etc.) travel with
        • Enables the presentation to be shown on computers without any form of office installed
        • Office Button (upper left corner) >> Publish >> Package for CD
      • Special font you downloaded?  Embed your fonts into your presentation. 
        • Office Button >> Save >> Tools (drop down menu in the lower left corner) >> "Save Options..." and make sure that "Embed fonts in file" is selected >> Click OK
      • Use the internet.  PowerPoint Presentations can be saved to the web.
        • Office Button >> Save As >> Selection "Web Page" from the "Save as Type" drop down menu
        • Click publish... make sure "Complete Presentation" is selected.
    • I want to insert video/audio, how can I do that?

      Note to self: Video files are always linked... meaning they do not have a natural home within your presentation.  Make sure you keep video files in the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation.

      You have "two" options when inserting these type of files in PPT '07
      • Insert Method
        • Insert >> Movie... Select the file and click OK.  You have to make sure you decide whether or not your video starts immediately or when it is clicked.  Use MPEG files.
        • Insert >> Sound... Select and click OK.  Again choose when it starts.  A sound icon will appear on your slide (it can be moved off, but don't delete it)... Use MP3 or WMA files.
      • Hyperlink Method
        • This will open a player outside of PowerPoint.  When the link is clicked it loads the default played outside of PowerPoint.
        • Highlight or select the text/object to be linked >> Insert >> Hyperlink>> Click the folder icon on the top-right corner to find the file, select the video you want  and click OK
      • Embedding Audio Files (A Third option for audio files)
        • Only certain file sizes (small enough) can be embedded instead of linking
        • Office Button >> PowerPoint Options >> Advanced... Under "Save" increase the value of "Link sounds with File size greater than..." according to the size of the file you want to embed... Click OK

Information on the Google RSS Feeder from the "In Plain English" Series:

Google's RSS Feeder in Plain English

Information on posting images online from the "In Pain English" Series:

Online Photo Sharing in plain English

For any other questions, please contact the VRC office in Wilson Hall 3011
or email at gentm@wlu.edu.