Resources for Studio

How To
Check out Some new Artists
  • Paper artist Peter Callesen and examples of his work
  • The Society of Digital Artists... a website illustrating interesting developments are artists in the digital realm
  • The Sidewalk Chalk Guy
  • Modern Living... a digital series by H. Hoogerbrugge 
  • Photographer Bobby Neel Adams explores traditional photography with interesting themes and takes on life 
  • The Book... a project by four artists, two in Brooklyn, NY and two in Belfast, Ireland.  A portion of each entry extends onto the next page, but that is the only communication between the artists as the book floated randomly between them.  The book traveled a total of 60,000 miles in 36 weeks.

Interesting installations

  • The Storker Project by Mark Jenkins... a series ofexterior and interior installations... humorous, insightful, and perhaps, disturbing
  • Their Circular Life... a video project of street life that the viewer can manipulate on the internet
  • Haven't washed your car in awhile?  Artist Scott Wade channels works of art when he makes your windshield his canvas

Art Websites
  • The collections from The Library of Congress... old posters, photographs, video, etc.
  • Make your own Pollock
  • Artpad... create a work of art and hang it in the digital gallery for all the internet world to see
  • The Art Department... lists a great number of photographers and illustrators, great digital images of their work, and access to individual sites
Exploring other mediums
  • Performance art... this site has access to some interesting videos that showcase the past, present, and future of performance art
Madeline Gent,
Sep 9, 2008, 9:50 AM