CHAPTERHOUSE REMODEL!! (A Work in Progress 2018)

Our Chapterhouse has not had any major improvements since the early 1970's-- it is time for an update!Our own members are volunteering their own time and effort, using their professional skills, to make improvements to the building!
Improvements include:

New drywall ceiling with insulation.  A few years ago we needed to remove the old drop ceiling and expose the rafters- which did not help our heating and cooling efficiency. This new ceiling brings our heating ducts to a lower level, improves ventilation and airflow, and incorporates new lighting and wiring to make our evenings bright again!

New walls and windows The woodgrain paneling has served us well since the building was constructed- but the walls required not only new drywall, but new supports as well!  The old windows were only good for looking out of.  Our new windows, with the new insulation and walls - will help to keep our heating costs down in the cooler months!

Stop by and take a look at the updates!  (Photos taken March 11th, 2018)