How can Toastmasters benefit me?
If you join Toastmasters and start practicing your communications skills, you will never again be scared to death when your friend asks you to deliver a best man speech, or when your boss gives you an important presentation to make to a prospective client. Believe us, you will be confident in your abilities and happy to do it! Some people join Toastmasters after having delivered an important speech, presentation or eulogy that had not worked well and had then decided to learn how to do it right without the paralysing fear. Why not joining before you get a chance to speak to a group of people and prepare yourself properly for it?

Who can join Toastmasters?
Anyone over the age of 18 years interested in becoming a better communicator and leader may join Toastmasters. Currently there are more than twenty Toastmasters clubs in the Dublin area. They meet in various locations on different times and days of the week, so surely you can find one that will suit you. Guests are always welcome, so feel warmly invited to one of our meetings.

What are the ages, occupations and interests of current Dublin Toastmasters Club’s members?
Dublin Toastmasters is a very diverse and vibrant club. Currently we have more than 50 members and they come from many different walks of life. Various backgrounds, passions and an age range from 20 to 93 years ensures our members enjoy many different, interesting perspectives on life. They make each and every meeting an inspiring adventure! With us you will quickly forget all about your fears as you will be laughing and having fun while speaking or listening. You might not even notice that you are learning until you do a presentation outside of Toastmasters and your listeners start to compliment you on it. Yes, it feels amazing!

Are guests expected to speak during the meeting?
No, as a guest you will not be required to speak during the meeting, so you can sit back, relax and listen. However,if you feel like speaking, there will be a chance to during the first of the meeting part (topic session). But the flashlight will never be shone in your face! In any case observe, learn and enjoy the experience.
I'm scared to death of speaking in front of a group of people!  Can Toastmasters help?
Everyone is afraid of speaking! Research shows that the ‘fear of public speaking’
is the number one fear that comes up even before the ‘fear of death’. While we cannot help with the second fear, we can definitely help in minimising the first one. Our programs have worked for many of our members. If you learn and practice your public speaking skills, at one point you might even start loving it. And all you fear will be replaced by self-confidence and excitement. How do we know it? It has happened to many of our members! However, do not take our word for granted, ask any of them directly whenever you visit us, and check our testimonials on this site.

I'm not that scared of speaking in public, but I'd like to hone my skills. Could toastmasters help me?
Absolutely! While Toastmasters is perfect for beginners, it is equally beneficial for speakers who already feel confident and want to become sharper communicators. Our experienced members will help you, and as you advance, you can branch off into specialist areas of communication.

When I join, will there be someone I can contact with questions?

Yes, when you join our club you will be assigned a mentor to guide, answer your questions, and encourage you. This person will be a more experienced member of our club. Even as a guest you may ask us questions, we will be delighted to help you.

Do you have a dress code?
No, we do not have a dress code. If a speaker wishes to dress up for a presentation, they are more than welcome to, but it is completely at the speaker's discretion.
Is Toastmasters also a social organization?
Yes, we enjoy our club and socialise with other members and guests in the hotel bar after each meeting.  We are such a diverse group of people but we are all passionate about communication and personal development.

Is it expensive to join Toastmasters?
In comparison to other courses and training on public speaking and leadership joining Toastmasters is a bargain. You get a chance to learn and practice your speaking skills at our meetings every week for €200 per year that can be payable in 2 installments, one in September and one in February. Also we offer special rates for students and young people of age 25 and under that is 80 Euro per semester.

What specifically will you learn to do as a Toastmaster?
  • In a Toastmasters Club you will learn by doing. You will learn:
  • How  to give an impromptu speech
  • How to give a prepared speech
  • How to evaluate what you hear
  • How to introduce speakers
  • How to be a more effective leader of people
  • How to Chair and run meetings

Any further questions, please use the contact page