The Mission of Toastmasters:

Toastmasters International is the leading global movement devoted to making effective oral
communication and leadership qualities a worldwide reality.

Our Place in Toastmasters: Dublin Club Succeeding since 1957

Toastmasters currently has over 12,000 clubs around the world, of which the Dublin Club is one.  We are the oldest club in Ireland, having chartered in 1957.  Based in the heart of Dublin, we have a vibrant and diverse membership of over fifty members, meeting weekly from August to June. This year the Club has achieved the highest award possible -President's Distinguished 

The Format of a Meeting:

A typical meeting lasts for two hours.  The first half includes a Topics Session where members are encouraged to speak for two minutes on a randomly chosen topic.  The idea of this exercise is to practice thinking on your feet.  It is designed to be an informal and entertaining session.

The second half of the meeting is comprised of prepared speeches given by members who are working through the Toastmasters communication programs.  This is followed by an evaluation session.  Our evaluations are always positive and encourgaing, and are designed to support and inspire everyone present.

As a guest, you can come along to any of our meetings in order to experience our club, and please note you are not required to participate at any point (unless you want to chime in on a topic in the first half).

The Toastmasters Programs:

Our club facilitates all members in working through the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership tracks, both of which contain a number of modules, including manuals and projects.  The first communication module is called the Competent Communicator manual and it involves working through a manual which takes you through ten speeches.  Each stage introduces new skills that build on previous performances.  The first Leadership module is the Competent Leader and it takes you through a number of Toastmaster roles and tasks.  In all cases you work at your own pace.  You can also avail of our one-to-one mentorship program, where an experienced member offers to guide you through projects.

Visiting and Joining Up:

We strongly encourage you to come along as a guest, where you can find out more about joining our club.  Ask any of our members for more information.  If our club does not suit you there are 20 more in the Dublin area.   Guests are very welcome to attend at any time – however there will be no demand whatsoever on guests to speak.   However, should you wish to speak, or otherwise contribute, there may be a chance to do so in the first half of the meeting 

Check our location section for more Toastmaster Clubs.

Toastmasters is a fun and enjoyable way to improve your communication and leadership skills in a positive, supportive environment;- and is recognised worldwide as being a very effective, cost efficient way to enhance your capabilities in these areas.

Our club can benefit anyone who wants to improve their communication and leadership skills – from beginner to advanced levels.  Constructive and encouraging feedback is key to the Toastmasters approach that helps people to: 

  • Become better, more confident public speakers and communicators.
  • Improve their presentation skills – at all levels.
  • Develop and improve impromptu speaking skills
  • Learn how to successfully persuade, motivate and inspire others
  • Enhance their leadership skills
  • Become more effective and focused listeners 

Members learn through doing: by working their way through a series of educational projects that give guidelines on how to make effective speeches and presentations, clearly set out in Manuals. 

Members have the use of the projector, and the Club has the facility to record speeches on video / dvd.  This allows participants to review and incorporate improvements in future speeches or presentations and is particularly helpful in coaching for contests;- many Champion speakers record all their speeches .  

Speech contests are held twice a year.  Many keynote, and professional speakers started in Toastmasters.

Visiting Toastmasters: We welcome visiting Toastmasters, whether local or from overseas; – please contact us in advance if you wish to book a slot to deliver a speech or presentation - or take on a meeting role.