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"Let us remember, O God, that our religion in life is expressed in our work, and therefore in this school it is shown in the way we conquer our studies--not entirely in our marks but in the honesty of our endeavour, the thoroughness of our accomplishment and the singleness and purity of our purpose.  In school life there is but one unforgivable sin and that is to know how to study and to be able to study, and then to waste and throwe away God's time and opportunity.  From this 

blasphemy deliver us all, O God. Amen." 


                                                 W.E.B. Du Bois (ca. 1910)

                                                              [Photo credit]  




American Religion

Various writings by W.E.B. Du Bois are widely available on the Internet, as well as websites, weblogs, images, and other sites of interest.  This page provides links to many of these resources.  (Email suggestions for other sites.  We'd love to hear from you.)


Du Bois's Works

Digital Du Bois

Niagra Movement

Du Bois Photos

Du Bois's Travels (map)


Selected Works

UVA Library: Du Bois

Du Bois Virtual University

Du Bois Essays

Du Bois: Documenting the American South

Souls of Black Folk


Du Bois's Life & Times

Du Bois Exhibit

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

The History of Jim Crow

Jim Crow Museum

Lynching 1.0

Lynching 2.0

Lynching 3.0

Billie Holiday, "Strange Fruit"

FBI Files on Du Bois

Du Bois and Literature


Du Bois and Great Barrington 1.0

Du Bois and Great Barrington 2.0

Du Bois Homesite (1969)

Henry Louis Gates/Cornel West on Du Bois


Du Bois & Ghana

Encyclopaedia Africana

Du Bois Sites in Ghana


Du Bois and Contemporary Issues

Du Bois and the New Atheists

Du Bois and Barack Obama

Du Bois's Black Reconstruction

A Radical Du Bois 1.0

A Radical Du Bois 2.0


Miscellaneous Du Bois

Du Bois doll

Du Bois clothing

Teaching Du Bois