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Day 3: Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling and Digital Identity
  • What is Digital Storytelling? including examples from higher education students & faculty
  • Why create digital stories? tie in with research on metacognition and learning through storytelling
  • How to create digital stories? A look at strategies for using low-end digital tools/software/apps, including mobile devices
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We will go through the entire process, but without a story written, and images gathered, and a specific platform/software/app in mind, it would be difficult for each faculty member to complete a story. But we will provide enough of the process so that faculty might try it on their own. (using iMovie or MovieMaker)

I will update my materials this fall to add mobile apps like Explain Everything on the iPad (and Android devices). There are also Internet-only tools, like the YouTube Editor, Stupeflix, and WeVideo.