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This is the site to support the keynote address "Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios: Current International Practice and Future Thinking on ePortfolios in Higher Education" to be presented by Dr. Helen Barrett at the Dublin Institute of Technology on March 21, 2016. 

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Dr. Barrett will focus on the two main approaches to ePortfolio development: portfolio as process/workspace (supporting learning and reflection) and portfolio as product/showcase (supporting accountability and self-marketing/employment). Dr. Barrett will provide a balanced framework for developing ePortfolios, especially using mobile devices that support lifelong learning, with the essential elements of reflection and intrinsic motivation. We will explore the two conflicting paradigms of assessment according to Peter Ewing (Accountability vs. Improvement) as applied to ePortfolio development.

Breakout sessions:
  • Know Thyself:  ePortfolios and Self-Assessment in ePortfolios to Support Lifelong Learning (Tuesday agenda)
    Description: Dr. Helen Barrett will address a variety of ePortfolio learning strategies that promote lifelong learning.  Drawing on various models of reflection. Dr. Barrett will bridge theory with practical examples to support lifelong learning strategies of self-monitoring, self-awareness and self-management. Specific strategies to be shown will include reflective journals (blogs). 
    Above is a diagram I like to use that supports the components of lifelong learning and I will address how ePortfolios support each of those components.

  • Digital Identity through Digital Storytelling in ePortfolios (Wednesday agenda)

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