About Dublin Allotment Association (DAA)

The Dublin Allotment Association (DAA) is a voluntary and non-profit organisation which was set up August 2008 to represent citizens of Dublin City Council (DCC) and Fingal County Council (FCC) who have an interest in acquiring an allotment.

At present, over 80 people are registered on the DCC allotments waiting list, in addition to a huge latent demand in both Councils. However, there are currently no council-provided allotments in the DCC area and only two in FCC (Donabate and Cappogue). This is far less than our European neighbours, with allotment provision in the UK currently at 15 allotments per 1,000 population, while it is as high as 1 per 38 households in Germany.

The Acquisition of land (Allotments) Act, 1926 (as amended) and the Local Government Act, 2001 both provide a legal framework under which the Councils can provide land to individuals for allotment use. We have highlighted this to DCC and encouraged them to make use of it.

According to The Lonely Planet publications, if the whole of Ireland had the population density of Dublin we would have a population of some 300 million peopleā€¦and growing! As such, it is hardly surprising to see an increase in communal living such as apartments and duplexes and even the reduction in the average size of back gardens in new housing estates. In addition, the latent interest in allotments is bound to soar as peoples interest continues to increase in environmental matters coupled with the current economic recession and recent food contamination scares.