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                                        ( Gary giving Todd a line)

Dublem Gundogs has UK bred labradors available as started dogs.  In addition, we can import started or finished Labradors to meet your needs.  UK bred labradors tend to be medium in structure or small compared to American lines, they tend to be healthy and have a fantastic temperment; the combination for a highly trainable dog.  They come from parents or grandparents of Field Champion dogs or from gamekeepers who have used generations of these dogs for Estate shoots.  Our goal is to sell labradors that meet the needs of  the hard core hunter and his/her spouse and kids. 

Occassionally we have a started locally bred labradors from American Field Bred lines.   

Give us a call and we can add you to a waiting list or let you know what might be out in the dogging  community available for sale to a great hunting home.