We offer items as a courtesy for our regular puppy and training customers.  We do not keep many items on hand so if you plan to make a purchase in during a visit please plan ahead with an email or call to make sure we get the items in well in advance of your need.  Over time as we mature the service will evolve to better meet your needs.

In stock Level 3 and recommend Native exclusively.  We can order most petfood products through our distributor for your convenience...well in advance.

Acme 210 and 210.5 and 211 whistles and buffalo horn.

Ruff tough Kennels
- We use Ruff Tough Kennels.  The plastic bodies are nearly indestructible.

NorthStar Plastics Dog Boxes Trailers and crates.
-These are a once in a lifetime purchase.  Built to last and warrantied.
Bumper Boy dummy launcher and bumperboy bumper controllers.

DT System Collars and launchers and no bark collars.


Canvas Dummies

Starter pistols