Puppy Guarantee






We have been breeding dogs for 11 years and have not had hip or retinal dysplasia problems in our lines.  That said, we offer a 100% replacement guarantee on every puppy.  The guarantee is valid only to the original purchaser and non-transferable.

30 Days

Every puppy is guaranteed for one month after receipt for general health.  The new owner must consult their veterinarian upon receipt of the puppy and follow the veterinarians recommended vaccination and worming schedule. 

12 Months

If the puppy lacks desire for its particular breed to perform in the field or has a personality disorder it may be returned for replacement.  The puppy must not have been physically altered to exclude spay or neuter. 

30 Months

Every puppy is guaranteed free of hip and retinal dysplasia, PFK to the age of 30 months.  Minor faults that may make the dog unsuitable for breeding but do not effect the dogs ability are not included.

Verification and Replacement

Any puppy verified by a veterinarian to be unhealthy within 30 days of receipt, fails to hunt or has a personality disorder within the first year or develops hip or retinal dysplasia defect before the age of 30 months will be replaced with a puppy from a future or current litter of our choice.  For the 30 day or 30 month health guarantee a veterinary certificate stating the health problem must be provided by the original owner to us.  For the 12 month guarantee, the puppy must be returned for evaluation and a replacement will only be honored if the fault is not human induced.

Costs and Fees

The puppy owner is responsible for all associated shipping, veterinary and registration fees.  Our only assumed liability is for replacement of the puppy.