Polly x Todd 2012 day 34

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Sally Pups 29 Apr 12

British Labrador Puppies

New 23 Apr 12 -- Sally Pups

April 23, 2012 10:52 AMThese are British Labrador Retriever Puppies at day 30. They are out of our import lines from the UK.  Specifically both of these pups parents were imported from the Elgin and Inverness regions of Scotland.  Sally is a beautiful square head, athletic bitch with an impeccable temperament; easy to train and very pleasing.  Todd is a compact powerful male with tons of natural and trained ability.  I have grown to love Todd's desire to work.  When the intensity is high, the gun is out or competition is on, his level of intensity increases but his desire to obey also intensifies.  This is a HIGHLY desirable characteristic in a field dog.  Todd passes this to his progeny.  Sally has similar characteristics and we are super high on this litter.  
These are out of our import lines, they contain Lavanghile Peacock, Lafayette Tolly, Garedon Captain, Tasco Dancing Brave, Pocklea Reamus, Brindlebay Butler, Buzzard of Brindlebay.  These lines span the UK and represent the best of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland in working lines.

Sally Pups -- 15 Apr 12

April 14, 2012 8:07 PM

Sally Pups -- 8 Apr 12 video....

British Labrador Puppies 2012 Imported UK Gundogs

Dakota and 2 hours north of Kansas City Missouri. You can see details at Dublem Gundogs: ... clouseba ... UK Import British ...


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Snow Goose Hunting Preparation British Labrador Retriever

is the way to go. Close working dogs will handle at distance if kept in tune close.... ... clouseba ...British Labrador Retriever and Snow Goose ...

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British Labrador Retriever Ffynongain Jackson of Willinghurt "Todd" x Dublems Lucy

Dever Colorado, Kansas City, Des Moines Iowa. We deliver our puppies on request. ... clouseba ...british labrador retriever puppy pets dogs cute ...

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Field Bred English Springer Spaniel Puppy Dublems Stella

World Class English Springer Spaniel puppy out of Percy and Meg; Dublems Stella. This puppy is 5.5 wks old. ... clouseba ... 100 0799 ...

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English Springer Spaniel Puppies in Nebraska and Iowa

make trial prospects, hunting dogs, working dogs or great pets. ... clouseba ...field bred english springer spaniel puppies ...

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English Cocker Spaniel Dublems Buck

Cocker Spaniel in the water retrieving, quartering and hunting. This cocker is currently for sale by Dublem Gundogs. ... clouseba ... English ...

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Duck Dog in the making by Bud Clouse, Dublem Gundogs

the calm dispostion of a purebred true British Labrador Retriever. ... clouse ba ... dog puppy british labrador retriever sit stay come pigeon ...

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Started English Cocker Spaniel .mp4

Dublems Buck on water retrieve. ... clouseba ... buck retrieve ...

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Field Bred English Springer Spaniel at day 82, Omaha NE, Placeboard Training

! This is Dublem Gundogs Copa x Dan James Dog Tom of James Gang Kennels. ... clouseba ...Dublem Gundogs English Springer Spaniels. Imported UK ...

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British Labrador Retriever -- "Duck Hunter in the making"

Missouri. You can see details at Dublem Gundogs: ... clouseba ... british labrador retriever puppy omaha nebraska training ...

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British Labrador Retriever Puppies Nebraska

Missouri. You can see details at Dublem Gundogs: ... clouseba ... British labrador retriever puppy English UK lab omaha nebraska dog ...

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Dublem Gundogs -- Angus -- English Springer Spaniel puppy ... clouseba ... Dublem Gundogs Angus ...

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Dublem Gundogs - clouse boys and coppa puppies 30days ... clouse ba ... clouse boys and coppa puppies 30days ...

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Trained British Labrador Retriever

Retriever Society of America Field Trials. ... clouseba ... Import British Labrador Retriever FTW from Scotland UK available for ...

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Dublems Copa - Puppies Sleeping - Dublem Gundogs

We brought the puppies in to play with the kids and they tired out. Copa fusses over them and is a good mother. ... clouse ba ... "Bud Clouse" ...

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English Cocker Spaniel Omaha Nebraska -- Dublem Gundogs - Bucky working in trees.MP4

english cocker spaniel puppy working in trees. Dublem Gundogs ... clouseba ...Working Field bred english cocker spaniel puppy ...

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Dublems Buck Quartering 1.MP4

Young field bred english cocker spaniel puppy starting to quarter naturally. Dublem Gundogs. ...clouseba ... "English Cocker Spaniel Puppy" working ...

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Dublem Gundogs - Buck ret.MP4

Field Bred English Cocker Spaniel Puppy Retrieve - Dublem Gundogs ... clouseba... Buck ret ...

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English Cocker Spaniel Puppies Omaha -- Dublem Gundogs

Bitsy x Sabre puppies fall 2010. English cocker spaniel puppies that are 5 weeks old....Dublem Gundogs ... clouseba ... DSCF0782 ...

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Dublem Gundogs - Chloren steady drill on retrieve

steady springer spaniel on retrieve. ... clouseba ... DSCF0129 ...

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