Training Hunting Dog Seminar

We are excited to expand our seminar and class offerings starting this spring for hunting dog training classes.   Demand has grown for hunting dog training seminars using Dublem Gundog techniques.  Plus, it is enjoyable for us to work with new and existing owners and their dogs.   One of the reasons we like our work is meeting new people and helping them train their own dogs.

Please sign up early for these events as we need prep time.  402-570-0598

Seminars will consist of both classroom and field work.  These events will be tailored to your dogs level of training.

Location : Dublem Gundogs and associate facilities.   Plan to be 15-25 miles south of Omaha.

9 Jun 2012 : Seminar 1:  Basic Gundog Course
1 day, $100 per person w/one or no dog.
    - Open to all ages
Obedience techniques
Basic Field work
Open to flushing, pointing and retrieving breeds.

Note: For individuals with no dogs, if you would like we will provide a dog for you to use.

15/16 Jun 2012 : Seminar 2:  British Labrador Training
2 days, $100 per person w/one or no dog.
    - Open to all ages
Briitish Labrador Techniques
Basic Field work
Simulated shoot/hunt
Open to all breeds but focused on British Labradors.  This would be a nice spaniel course or versatile dog course too.

10, 17, 24, 31 July 2012 : Youth Mentor Program
Tuesday's from 8am-10am or 6pm - 8pm  

This is free for youth.  We request those under 12 be accompanied by an adult.  This is a freestyle training session geared at exposing youth to hunting dogs and mentoring youth with their dogs.  We will tailor this session to the level and type of dog the child is training.  This is a Christian based event.  We want kids in environments that are positive and fun for them.  Again, if the child doesn't have a dog...we do and they can use one of ours.  

Come for any or all sessions.  These are designed to meet your needs with questions or demonstration periods.   But, please reserve a spot and please follow through on your free commitment.  If you would like to make a donation we will accept donations and would recommend a check made direct to Cass County CASA for your donation.  If you prefer another charity do what the Holy Spirit is telling you.