Super Puppy Program

Our Super Puppy Program is an extension of the diligent work that begins with quality breeding, imprinting and socializing.   Because they are well bred and socialized we start puppy training at a very young age.  Many people ask us, "how early should we start training our dog"?  We believe very early and believe so strongly that it is one of our core principles...
- Start with great genetics
- Imprint dogs to include socialization
- Train very early using high praise positive methods
- Utilize blinds and memories and reduce marks
- More bumpers and less birds
- More yard work and less field work
- Use distractions to build steadiness
We breed a very limited number of litters.  In 2011 we had 3 litters in the spring and two in the fall.  We are full time and our puppies are cared for 24 hours a day by our family.   Our puppies are born in the home.  We want to be with them for the first few days constantly to ensure comfort, care and human contact.  Our puppies are handled very early by children and adults; usually day one.  They become accustomed to other dogs, noises in the kitchen, running and yes, yelling children.  Our house is a zoo at times with kids, family and friends and the puppies are integral to all of that.

At 23-32 days the puppies are moved to a heated/air conditioned puppy facility.  We then rotate them inside and outside on a feeding and bathroom schedule.  This helps to start the potty train process very early.  It is natural for a puppy to keep a den clean and if you give them a chance they stay very clean.  We don't work 40hrs a week elsewhere... we are here with the dogs and pups full-time.  Caring for them is our primary job.

Puppies and kids!

I believe in imprinting and socialization.  We "expose" pups to noise, feathers, water, cover and grasses, surfaces, dogs, cats, ground scent, children, strangers, parks, stairs, dirt, concrete, kennels, crates, tractors, cars, farm animals, vet office.  The pups are exposed to crate training before they go home and after they start to understand the pottie system they spend some time in the house starting at about 42-49 days.  All pups go home on first Saturday at 56 days.  This pup is 45 days old.

Bits of Socialization

Super Puppy Program:

Some owners want more with their busy lifestyle.  We are equipped to fully house train puppies.  We also have tremendous success with training our young dogs at a super young age.  Because of those principles mentioned (genetics, imprinting and socialization)  There is one more principle and it allows for starting early...proven positive training methods.  You must use positive techniques when working with a pup.

We will teach:
Sit, stay, come, heel, whoa, retrieve, lines, quartering. 
In addition, crate training and placeboards.  Plus, blinds, casting, multiple marks, water retrieving and some steadiness dependent on breed... most can be accomplished before 6 months.  Level of training and intensity for each task may vary.  All plans are designed to your specific requirements and prices based on level of effort.  We also do house training for a limited number of customers.  Usually restricted to two puppies.  Our prices are highly competitive.  The puppy in the video below is 13 weeks.

13 week old British Labrador