Important message


I update this page periodically and the current version is much different than the past.   I feel like the old version could have appeared boastful or pride like.  I don't know anymore than you, I just have my own perspective I would like you to hear. 

I am like many people I grew up in church and walked a bit of the walk.   However, I didn't really get what God or Christianity was and don't claim to have all of the answers.   From the time I was 18 until 40 I really didn't attend church.  During that period I did a lot of drinking and swearing and wasn't considered horrible but wouldn't be cited as the kind loving guy either.  I am still not perfect but I try to live a life that is loving and caring; I fail often with my temper, pride, failing to show compassion for sick and the poor or just not being a good neighbor.

I am a believer and mine like all is a rather long story (no more important than anyone else); if you want to know the details I am happy to share.  I specifically believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and walked this earth.   I believe that through Jesus' death and resurrection that he paid for our sins and gives everyone a chance to be forgiven and live a life that is the way God planned.  Getting to a life of belief is often confusing, complex and happens at different times and ways!  I am not sure anyone has ever taught someone to believe and my opinion for each individual it has to them and God.

I currently am becoming aware of the discouragement of those who don't believe by the radical (fine line isn't it because I am sure glad to talk about my belief and I am not sure how much is too much).   If you have read this all the way through and you don't believe in Christ and you think everyone who does is crazy, I will tell you I and most who believe can understand.   I was very discouraged about getting close to religion or church and consequently God because of interaction with many in your face people who seemed very radical to me.  It wasn't until a couple men started talking to me about life and not Christ and talking about how to live that I started to notice there was something missing with me that they had.   We eventually talked more about God, Christ and a way to live and I started to change in some ways.  It wasn't until much of my life derailed I turned to God and really understood what the bible was teaching about faith, forgiveness and life.  My encouragement to you is for you to seek out people who you trust and  value as great people and ask them why they are like they are.  No doubt there are great, loving caring non-christians.  However, I suspect someone you highly respect, that you can lean on for help in crisis will have a message to give you.   If you want to learn on your own.  Get a study bible and read the book of Luke; using Jesus Christ as a role model will encourage you and help you live in a way you will like yourself.

If you are curious another low impact, low pressure way to see what others struggle with and how God has worked in their lives is to look at some videos at the website listed below.   There is a program Iamsecond has where they will send you a link to a video to observe once a day.   Videos are about 5-10 minutes.   It is an easy way to understand what others deal with...helped me put some things in perspective.  Also, If you have some issues you are dealing with (drugs, alcohol, anger, depression, divorce, children, family, friendship, food addiction, hatred) look at the index and you will find something that applies.

Bud Clouse