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Started British Labrador for sale         





Not everything on this page is kept current.  Find Dublem Gundogs on facebook for day to day updates.   We have a group of talented adult dogs, young dogs, bitches, bred bitches and puppies for sale.  We have decided to start breeding some of our up and coming dogs and therefore we want to put some of the dogs we have been using in great homes.  These are priced well below market value.  Give me a call for details. 

1) Looking for a gun dog?  We have an aggressively priced great program to get you exactly what you want in a hunting dog.  

Training Rates for started dogs at $90 per week.  This includes birds (frozen/live), vaccinations, dog food, kennel space, equipment/overhead.  If you are interested in a well trained dog spaniel, pointer or us for details.
We customize our training to your specifications.  Choose whoa, sit, stay, come, place, kennel, down, off, sit to whistle, turn to whistle, retrieve, steadiness, shot over, trailing, swimming, leave it, cat socialization, child socialization, boat work.
In addition, we can house train dogs for a limited number of clients.  - Bud Clouse
As of spring 2012 we have Started Labrador British Labrador Retrievers , Started English Springer Spaniels and Started English Cocker Spaniels available to meet your needs.  Contact us with your requirements, place a deposit and we will start a search for what you need or train a hunting dog to your specifications. We are also importing started and finished spaniels and labradors from Wales and Scotland.  At Dublem we are equipped to start a spaniel, labrador or pointer on request with a specific goal of hunting, field trials or companion.

Fully Trained Spaniel.  See video.

Two Started Spaniels...see videos.

Well started labradors..see videos.

Two well started super puppies $2200.

Fully Finished competitive male....Not shown.  Varies from free to $7500 depending on where you live and arrangement we make. 

Started English Cocker Spaniels  :  Contact for details, imports currently available too.

Pointers  : Contact for details and see below.

These are mature experienced dogs.  They have been used with wagon hunts on quail and on pheasants.  They would work great for a foot hunter.

3 English Pointers
1 German Shorthaired Pointer

I have the opportunity frequently to import hunting dogs from the UK ( Ireland, Scotland and Wales ) that are from trusted sources.  I pass on these opportunities frequently because I can not keep inventory.  If you have a desire for a beautiful well started of finished dog we can train it or import it.  Give me a ring to discuss details.

Chief, GSP

Duece, English Pointer

Houdini, English Pointer
Rosa, English Pointer