Dublem's Gwinau Copa Broch "Copa"

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We consider Copa to be very special; her temperament is impeccable  
and her hunt drive and natural ability to quarter and find game are off the scale.  

We consider Copa as a foundation bitch that started with three key pieces.  

1. Jim Devoll imported her great grandmother, Byrd of Housty (litter mate of FC, AFC,CFC Pel Tan Rolly) from Mike Shefford of Housty Kennels.  
2. Jeff Miller imported his fantastic male CNFC, FC, AFC Nant-Lais Sting "Glover", possibly one of the best field trial dogs of all time and a Bird Dog Hall of Fame dog.  
3. Finally, Mark Hairfield purchased and campaigned the phenominal dog FC Bricksclose Matchwood "Badger"

A couple key notable that tie this together is that these three English dogs are closely connected to EFC Badgercourt Druid and 1985 ENFC Courtmans Lane.  Luckily for us Mark was smart enough to collect and store semen from Badger and Koko carried the Glover and Byrd genes.  This combination produced Coppa long after Badger was gone.