British Labradors

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1) If you live within the Eastern Nebraska or Western Iowa region and you are looking for a great Labrador, we have some excellent reduced price programs specifically for you.

2) Looking for a Top Labrador.  Give me a call as we have a couple opportunities currently to import or sell on in house.

When I first started with Labrador retrievers I had to decide what dogs to run and how to create a breeding program.  My goal was sound Labradors that would be successful in the hands of the novice and experienced hunter and trainer.  My memories of exceptional Labrador retrievers were of those I had seen with Tom Ness in North Dakota and in Wales on hunts with Chris and Simon Farmer; aka British Labrador Retrievers.

Our philosophy for breeding is to use only the best British Labrador Retriever genetics proven for health and temperament. Dublem Gundogs has some of the best British Labrador Retrivers in the U.S.  We import our British Labrador Retriever sires and dams direct from Scotland, Ireland and Wales from proven top kennels. (See Todd's page and his accomplishments).   Our dogs have drive and desire to hunt, they are medium build and very pleasant around the house with the family.

If you are in the market for a puppy or a trained Labrador we have something to meet your needs.  We can train from basic started through fully finished including field trial competitive Labradors to meet your needs



British Labrador Retriever Duck Dog in Omaha Nebraska

We base our breeding and training our British Labrador Retrievers based on the rules and regulations established by the Kennel Club and the International Gundog League IGL.  At Dublem Gundogs we breed for Health, Temperament, Appearance and Performance:

The basic attributes of a great British Bred Labrador Retriever is their ability to perform at a high level while having a calmness in high distraction environments.  They are bred to sit and stay and be calm on driven shoots and to then make complicated and selective retrieves quickly and efficiently.  The best British Labrador Retrievers have long been bred to this same standard and level of performance and are expected to do so without electric collars during  training or at work.  Not all British Labrador Retrievers in the US are the same and you should do your research; we start with great proven British Labrador Retrievers and apply the UK mindset to our program.

British Labrador Retriever positive attributes in the field:

        Natural game finding ability


        Drive and style

        Quiet Handling

        Good Retrieving and delivery


        Quickness in gathering game

        Marking ability

General Appearance:  

        Strong built, active, broad skull, broad deep chest and ribs, and hindquarters.


        Good tempered, agile, excellent nose, soft mouth, keen love of water.  Devoted.


        Intelligent, keen and biddable, with a strong will to please, kindly in nature

        No trace of aggression or undue shyness.

Size: Our females are 55-60 lbs and males are mid 65-75lbs.

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