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dubkdad1's thoughts on YU-GI-OH!!!

Getting Tournament Ready

People have been asking me recently about how to prepare for Sneak Peeks, locals, regionals, etc. So I’m going to give everyone a checklist. These are my own personal preparations I use to get ready for those events:
1) Decide what deck you’re going to use.
- Its important that you prepare far in advance of the tournament so that you are comfortable with the build and know all of the plays your deck can pull off. Try as best you can to side deck for the expected match ups. Also, try to avoid changing decks the night before.
2) Get plenty of rest
- Sleep is very important. It affects your concentration and patience. This goes well with eating a good meal the night before and eating a good breakfast the morning of. I like to take a bottle of water with me so that I can avoid Pop. The caffeine gives you a good boost, but the crash can be horrible and cause you to lose concentration.
3) Take only what you can fit in ONE BAG.
- Trading is HUGE at events. Trading is the probably the easiest way to acquire a good collection. You don’t want to take several bags because in the words of the owner of Feral Games, "Your stuff can easily become someone else’s stuff."
4) Bring money and a friend.
- Money makes the world go around. Bring enough to pay entry and to buy extra sleeves and other random supplies. Try to AVOID buying cards from the vendors because they will RAEP YOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!!! If you want to purchase cards from players, its best to do it off site to avoid violating any rules of the venue. Bringing a friend helps in this to prevent you from being ripped off and if you or he drops, you can bring the other food so that you can make it throughout the rest of the day.
Well, I hope this helped everyone. If you like this article, be sure to send me a pm on my YouTube channel, Dubkdad1. Also, be sure to subscribe and add me as a friend. Thank you for reading.


Regionals - Collector's Cache - Lenexa, KS

So who's going to this event?  Last time we were there, we were all too tired and somewhat unprepared to play and record videos.  But this time, we have a plan.  With any hope I will be getting my Invite to the 2010 National Championships.  I expect the meta to be the same as it is everywhere else.  I expect to see GBs, LS, BW, DAD/Zombie variants and random antimeta decks.  What do you guys think I should run at this event?  Give me a holler on my channel and give me some suggestions.  Peace!

Banlist Discussion

I’m really unsatisfied with the state of the game right now. All of the skill has been replaced by who can draw their busted combos first. I would love to have a format where Don Zaloog or Tiger Dragon are top tier cards. Things have gotten better since the last format, but I still want more!

Next format, I’d like to see:


Chaos Sorcerer


Solemn at 2

Whirlwind at 2

Charge of the Light Brigade at 2

RotA at 2

Lumina at 2

One for One at 2

Mind Control at 2


DDR - Dif Dimension Reincarnation

Burial from a Dif Dimension at 1

JD/DAD at 1

Mezuki at 1

Dark Magician of Chaos

Stardust Dragon



Brain Control

This would be my ideal start to a new and exciting format. Weakening some archetypes and bringing some archetypes back. If you would like to discuss my choices please reply to Club DKF!!!.



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