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Recent news

August 013: tutorial on electronic transport in molecular junctions, given in the "Phononics & Thermal Energy Science" workshop in Shanghai, can be found here.

March 2013: Paper on fluctuations in bi-Phenyl molecular junctions has been accepted to the Journal of Chemical Physics. 

February 2013: Paper on tuning the heat transport of DNA nano-junctions has been accepted to Nanotechnology journal.

October 2012:
Tutorial lectures given at ICTP can be view online, in the following links: 1,2,3,4,5,6.  
The lectures can be downloaded in I, II, III

July 2012: Review Paper with M. Di-Ventra been listed as a 10-year Highly Cited paper. This list is an ISI compilation of highly cited papers, based on specific parameters.

May 2012: theoretical predictions verified in a recent experimental paper measuring DNA thermal conductance, ACS Nano, Vol.6  page 2712 (2012).  

Top students are invited to apply for M. Sc.\Ph. D. positions at our group.
Candidates should have strong analytic/numerical skills and high motivation.                       
Please send you CV/gradesheet  to dubij76@gmail.com.
מודעה בעברית כאן

My group specializes in theory and computation of charge and energy
transport in nano-structures and molecular junctions.
Current projects include: 
  • Energy transport and conversion in nano-junctions
  • Dynamics of heat transport in non-linear systems
  • Photo-Voltaic conversion in molecular systems
  • Nano-scale properties of complex electronic materials

More details can be found in our research section and our publications.

Top students are invited to apply for M. Sc.\Ph. D. positions
Candidates should have strong analytic/numerical skills
and high motivation.       
CV/gradesheet should be sent to  jdubi .at. bgu.ac.il
מודעה בעברית כאן 

Dr. Yonatan Dubi
Bldg. 30 Rm. 218 (map)
phone: 08-6461643
email: jdubi .at. bgu.ac.il
דר. יונתן דובי 
בניין 30 חדר 218    (מפה)
טל. 08-6461643
דוא"ל jdubi .at. bgu.ac.il