Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan

दुबे उमादत्त् अनजान - a famous Hindi poet and social worker


Anjan was born on 15th April 1934 in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh in India. He was educated (Masters in Arts (Hindi Literature)) in Kota, Rajasthan. He served Indian Railways for 9 years before joining Govt of India in Delhi. He retired as Chief Hindi Translation Officer in 1992.


Anjan started writing Hindi poems when he was still in college and became a promising Hindi poets at very young age. He attended and organized several poetic congregation for many years. Anjan however wanted to serve Hindi in different way. He sacrificed his poetic career and started promoting the unsung and unknown Hindi scholars from Rajathan.

Rajasthan Manch

Rajasthan Manch
Formation (13 Feb 1967)
Type Social
Headquarters Delhi
Official languages (Hindi)
(Founder President) (Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan)

He is the founder of Rajasthan Manch, an organization which contributed in promotion of Hindi poets and literate from Rajasthan. Rajasthan Manch with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Jaipur, Kota, Vadodara is a prominent National Institution. It is a unique creation of visionary Anjan. This forum stands for Rajasthan's past glory, present image & future probablities (रा़ज्ञ्य् की यशोगाथा, बिम्ब् और् सम्भावनाओ का सन्कल्प).

Rajasthan Manch has provided national recognition and status to many men/women of letters, Artists, Journalists, Educationists and members of various other disciplines for their outstanding works, exceptional performances and extraordinary achievements which were unknown or less known till then. Some of them were presented Abhinandan Granth{Complimentary Volume} and/or faliciated by high dignatries such as President of India, Prime Minister of India, Governors and Chief Ministers of States and by eminent scholars.

His work

Anjan's contribution to Hindi litrature is unparrallal. He has written, authored and edited several books

Book name Published in His contribution
Main Jo Kahata Hun 1972 Compilation of his poems
Pt. Jhabar Mall Sharma Abhinandan Granth 1977 Co-Editor
Pt. Yugal Kishor Chaturvedi Abhinandan Granth 1979 Co-Editor
Dr. Ramanand Tiwari Bhartinandan Abhinandan Granth 1982 Editor
In 21st Century 1993 Compilation of his poems
Satyavrat Katha: सत्य नारायण् वर्त् कथा 1994 Author
Pahli Bar 2004 Compilation of Poems of several poets
Abhar 2007 Author

His satyavrat katha is a very simple poetic translation of the Satyanarayn katha.

His activities

Anjan was associated with Brij Madhuri(Akashwani) and Delhi Doordarshan for a long time.

His selected writing

  • जिन्दगी जन्म ऑर म्रुत्यु के बीच की दूरी है|   जन्म् लाचारी है, मॉत् मजबूरी है|
  • भरी दोपहरी मे हो चाहे हो या सूनी रात मे,    पहली बार बहुत् आकर्शण् होता है हर बात् मे||

साल् की यह् आखरी रात् कटी जाती है चन्द् घडियों मे यह् बारात् उठी जाती है| किस् बात् की खुशिया मनाउ मै नये साल् तेरे आने से तो मेरी उम्र् घटी जाति हॅ||
फिर् वही जन्म् म्रित्यु, प्यार् धोका, शान्ति युद्द् की चृर्चाऍ,सूरज् निकलेगा,चान्द् डूबेगा रात होगी| 
सिर्फ् सन की एक् तारीख् बदलने के सिवाय्, नये साल् के आने से और् क्या बात् होगी||

His Work

His Credentials

Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan is a selfless person who has sacrificed his personal career to promote the poets and scholars in Hindi literature.

Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan is a noted scholar. His contribution to Hindi literature both as a poet and facilitator is notable. "This is not a comment from the kin of Mr. Dubey. We are working towards adding more material to his page and would be able to provide whatever evidences required.

The organization Rajasthan Munch, has falicitated several laurels of Hindi literature from Rajasthan prominent among them are Pundit Jhabar Mall Sharma (who got Padm Bhushan award ( Third highest civilian honor) after his recognition by this forum), Ram Niwas Mirdha, Dr Ramannand Tiwari, Pt. Yigal Kishore Chaturvedi, Nathulal Jain etc.

Contribution of Mr. Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan

I know Mr. Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan since 1983. I think he has contributed a lot to the Hindi Literature. Apart from sacrificing his personal career he has given lot of time, attention & preference to promote the poets and scholars in Hindi literature, over his family. I am not saying he has ignored his family but his attention/preference/time towards Hindi literature was nothing less than his attention/preference/time towards his family. Apart from a good writer he is very good speaker. You can feel/enjoy the poetry even in the routine discussion with him. I always loved/enjoyed talking to him, listening his small, small poems even in the normal sittings.  I have a great respect towards his understanding & contribution for Hindi Literature.

Ashok rajput, 13 July 2007


Mr. Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan has selflessly contributed to the world of Hindi Literature by both, his beautiful poetry, and his dedication to the Rajasthan Munch.

His genuine knowledge, passion and appreciation for the Hindi language makes him one of the most interesting people to converse with - be it about one of his lovely poems or just an everyday thought.

I feel more of his works should be put up here to recognize his huge talent and efforts.

Delhi321, 13 July 2007

More About Dubey Uma Dutt Anjan

A prominent Hindi poet, Dubey UmaDutt Anjan is well known for his selfless services, organizational skills, literary activities and as Founder Director of Rajasthan Munch (Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Jaipur, Kota, Vadodara). Rajasthan Munch, now a famous national institution, is a unique creation of visionary Anjan. It stands for State’s past glory, present image & future possibilities. Rajasthan Munch, a synonym of Dubey UmaDutt Anjan, has been responsible for providing national recognition and status to many unknown or less known men of letters, Artists, Journalists Educationists and members of various other disciplines for their outstanding work, exceptional performances and extraordinary achievements. Some of them were presented “Abhinandan Granth” felicitated by high dignitaries such as President of India Prime Minister of India, Governors of States, and Chief Ministers of States or by eminent scholars.

Dubey UmaDutt Anjan is a skilful, honest & hard working person. His devotion and conviction are admirable. Venerable Anjan is well known for his impressive initiatives to facilitate literature laureates. With his firm beliefs and ample courage, Dubey UmaDutt Anjan has visualized his dreams.

However, a humble soul, Anjan never claims for these credits. He always attributes them to grace of almighty God, blessings of ancestors & elders, patronage and guidance of his esteemed friends, absolute support of his associates. Last but not the least, his achievements are the result of unsurpassed support of his intelligent and understanding wife, energetic daughters and his brilliant and enthusiastic son. He also admires contributions of his intelligent daughter-in-law and promising grandsons.

Pankaj Chauhan, Canada, 01 July 2007

Dubey uma dutt anjan

Dubey uma dutt anjan is a great poet and a prominent social worker of delhi who has so many followers that at this time when he is not in India programmes and workshops are conducted on some of his poems and works. Rajasthan manch which has him as his founder chairman is active in spreading his social cause masseges and eagarly waiting for his next collection of poems. I remember when I was in school we living in Moti Bagh area of Delhi, some of his poems on DESHBHAKTI were banned for participation in school competitions as they were so popular like one I remember "NA SAMJHO KHATAM HO GAI HAI LADAI, YAI AAZADI HAMSE NA JAAI CHINAI, YAI JIWAN HAMAIN HAI AMAN SE BITANA, HAMAIM YOUDHE KE BHOOT KO HAI BHAGANA, HAMAIN SHANTI KE ARTH HAIN AB BATHALNE, UTHAI ISE SA YAH TALWAR HAMANE, HAI HAR MORCHE PAR SAJAG AB SIPAHI, NA SAMJHO KHATAM HO GAI HAI LADAI." These lines are relevent even today in these testing time.

I really fondly remember those KAVYAGOSHTHI AND KAVYASAMMELAN held under his able guidence and his poems. I wish I can read more of his poems online.

Archana Gupta, 14 August 2007